What do we do here?

We get that question all the time! We pride ourselves on coming up with, fun and creative ways to express your ideas to the public. In the year of constant innovation, McGlone Design understands the need to stand out, and to keep a hold of the memory of the folks who look. Everything from full illustration, to an exciting advertisement. we seek to raise your business to a new level of visibility. In the end, we are always looking to grow, and to challenge ourselves. To that end, McGlone Designs is always interested to get new, and exciting challenges. Below you can find a list of all the things we can do for you.

  • Advertising
  • Photograph manipulation
  • Digital Illustration
  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branding Design
  • Anything else you need!

Why is Pop art necessary in advertising? Created in the Mid 1950’s in Great Brittan, and migrating to the USA in the late 1950’s. Pop art is noted as having a positive vibe, springing out the post-war era. It is looked at as a much more accessible form of art, as at the inception it was diametrically opposed to the current art scene which was mainly Abstract Expressionism. Pop Art was a rebellion against the Abstract Expressionism, which was looked at as being elitist and abstract. Pop Art attempted to provide a more concrete visual style, by using the image as a structural device. Pop Art followed in Picasso’s footsteps in this regard, he would use “Real World” images in his collages when he felt his work was becoming too abstract. Pop Art all took influence from “Dada”, which used Nihilism to comment on the Parisian art at the time. Dada also critiqued war, and capitalist culture as a whole. One major Dadaist, Marcel Duchamp, was a big influence on Pop Art. He blurred the lined between mass-produced objects, and what was to be considered “Art”. Between the two “breeds” of Pop Art, the American type tended to be more aggressive, as it was critiquing the deluge, of advertising, and pop culture of the time. English Pop Art, by comparison was more subdued, and romantic. English Pop Art tended to focus more on technology. Andy Warhol was once quoted as saying “I think everyone should be a machine.” This was apparent as the American scene strove to strip the artist from the art. Making it simple, using the paint, unmixed from the can. As well as, using up and coming methods of advertising. They also sought to reproduce their work in an effort of questioning originality, and preciousness. They also looked at the Abstract Expressionism as a joke, and often times sought to subvert it’s message mixed with irony, and wit.

Because of this, McGlone Design has attempted to blend the easily digestible, and enjoyable aspects of Pop Art. It is our belief that the more the public can understand, and enjoy the artwork that a company displays increases the word of mouth advertising. In essence, the more the public can understand the concepts of a business using only the artwork provided, the more likely to interact with that business. Because of this McGlone Design moves more toward the simpler, and immediately identifiable. We use more mundane imagery in fantastical way. That is the magic held within McGlone Design, our ability to weave the normal into fantastical setting is what we pride ourselves on. We want to get the maximum amount of people to look at your work, and that same amount of people to enjoy it. We strive to think outside of the box, and take mundane thoughts, and images and ingrain them so completely that the moment someone thinks of an every day object, or idea they are reminded of your brand, and McGlone design believes that this will help your business.