Resume of Collin T. McGlone

(502) 819-4688 ●


Trinity High School [Louisville, KY; May 2015]
●     Graduated in the upper half of the class.                                    

Sullivan University [Louisville, KY: Summer 2020]
School of Technology                                                                                     
●     Working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design.

Work Experience

Office Depot                                                                                                   

●    Print Associate [Louisville, KY; September 2015] 
       ○     Regularly required to provide maintenance to store.           
       ○     Tasked with delivering high quality, timely, and professional service.
       ○     Executed creative strategies, resulting in a reduction of production time.

●    Copy and Print Supervisor [Louisville, KY; July 2016]   
       ○     Increased sales for the department by 36%.                            
       ○     Tasked with accounting for, and ordering supplies for the department.
       ○     Trained other print associates to provide a high level of service

  ●    Customer Experience Supervisor [Louisville, KY; March 2017]
○     Responsible for ensuring a quality experience in store.    
○     Routinely called upon to resolve customer service issues which arose.
      ○     Refined the storage system used to store excess product.

Volunteer Work
National Youth Leadership Training [Lincoln Heritage Council, Ongoing]
●     Oversaw the training of approximately 350 youth scouts.                  
●     Planed, designed, and executed, a course to national specifications.
●     Served in almost every possible position on course.
●     Trained youth in quality team building, effective communications, and      
        servant leadership.

● Mastered: Word, Excel, Power Point.
● Highly Experienced with: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, and Dream Weaver.

● Received the Eagle Scout award on July 29th, 2015.
● Recognized by several local, and national leaders for services with the scouts.
● Regularly recognized by corporate leadership for excellence in sales.